Bocce is back!

Bocce is back!

Sign up for bocce leagues today!!!

Howdy Ballers!

 Registration is now open for new teams to sign up for our 2015 Bocce League season. So.....sign up already!



For bocce reservations please email with your  request.


How we do...

Bocce Leagues at the Nomad

We’ll have a party to kick off the 2015 Bocce leagues on Tuesday April 7th at 7pm to go over rules, talk about a couple new tourneys,  meet the staff,  hand out T-shirts & Baller cards, sample beers from our new line-up of bocce sponsors and, you know, just get to know each other.

Instead of two seasons, we’re just having one glorious one! There are a few reasons behind this…1. Nobody ever quits. 2. Points will be accumulated throughout, and put towards a Champions Tournament at the end of the year, (which will take place on a Friday) . This is in addition to everyone’s favorite…FALLSTARS!) and, 3. We think everyone hates the extra work in re-signing up, and we hate disappointing those who mean to, but don’t re-sign up in time. It’s a win/win.

We are still working out all of the details on Play offs and tournaments, but we heard your complaints, and we took them to heart. There will be much fan fare at the end of each season this year…maybe actual trophies, too.

Empty Cup Champions! Your baller cards will track your baller beer purchases and the team that consumes the most beer will be the reigning Champions of this soon to be coveted trophy!

Some of the same, tried and true things from previous years-

Lots of players and too few time slots, so you can only be on one team. Sorry.

You’re welcome to have up to 6 players on your team. However, after the first 6 people on a team there will be an additional charge of $20 per person for the season (for shirts, food, etc.) If you’d like to add more people to your team, please send me an email, and we’ll work out adding them to your team, and arrange a way to make the payment.

Baller Package –  $120 per team.

1.        Free bocce any time courts are open. Non-ballers pay $20 for a court per hour.

2.        Discounted beer any night of league play. $4 pints. The final beer sponsor line up is a secret. If we told you now, we’d have to kill you. You are going to like them, a lot!

3.        Limited edition Nomad League T-shirt – Nomad BC.

4.        Baller Card. No cover charge for shows all season long…. Unless it’s, like, a $20 cover or something.

5.        BallStar and FallStar Tournaments with delicious edibles. And DJ’s, drink specials, farm animals and a kiddy pool.

Here's the tentative schedule: 

  • April 13th – October 1st.
  • No Play week of July 6-10.
  • Ballstars Tournament is July 12th.
  • Play-offs beginning 9/21.
  • Fallstars tournament to be held on 10/04.
  • Night of Champions (Top team from each night compete)- 10/09
  • Nomad World Cup- The best of the best 16 team Tournament- 10/11
Nomad Bocce
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