2nd Annual Blue Balls Tournament

Hello Ballers,


While the mild MN winter has been a relief to some of us, it’s also made it a bit challenging to get our second favorite sport (obviously, our first is Bocce) going this season. Alas, the temperatures are dropping, and we’re icing over the courts.

We are so pleased to announce NWP’s second annual Blue Balls- A Shurling Tournament! Like last year, we’ll be hosting the competition the same day as that other sporting event, on February 1st. New this year, Pay-To-Play for a CASH PRIZE!

Registration fee is $20 per team of 2-4 players, which includes a pizza of your choice, 1 per team. Fifty percent of entrance fees goes in the pot to be paid out 80% to the winning team, and 20% to second place. The third place team will receive a round of shots.

It wouldn’t be a tourney at the Nomad without a DJ. You know what that means?…dance party!

We will of course have Sportsball on the TV, so you won’t miss the other big game of the day.

Plus- $4 BEER! $3 JAMESON! $5 PRIX FIXE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We will bracket the tourney a few days before. Start time will depend on number of teams signed up. So sign up today!!! http://www.nomadbocce.com/leagues?v=upcoming


In case you’ve forgotten, below are the Shurling rules and procedures, which we hope will serve as a reminder, of how awesome this game is to play-


Shurling Rules & Regulations

(Subject to change and loose interpretation)



·         Teams of 4 (2 works if you don’t have a lot of friends).

·         Players may never walk on the sheet of ice. If you do, you lose the match.

·         The object of the game is to score points by placing your saucers into the target at the opposite end of the sheet.

·         Players use Shurling sticks to push and retrieve their saucers. Do not walk on the sheet, (it’s dangerous and dirty).

·         Matches are played to 11 points. It takes a while to get to 11, and it’s cold out.

·         Matches begin with all members greeting one another by shaking hands, introducing youself, and saying ‘Good Schurling.’

·         Teams will flip a saucer to determine who goes first.

·         After the first saucer is played in an end, the opposing team will then go, with teams alternating until all 8 saucers have been played.

·         Scoring:

o    If any part of a saucer is touching the center (Hop Star) of the target, ‘the button,’ it will score 3 points.

o    If any part of the saucer is in the green section of the target it scores 2 points.

o    If any part of the saucer is touching the outer, black, ring of the target it will score 1 point.

·         All saucers within the target zone score. In other words both teams can score points in a particular end.

·         Saucers can be played off of the back and side rails.

·         An important objective is to knock the opponents’ saucers away from the button. It’s also really fun.

·         Players may release a saucer from anywhere behind the rail line, with their stick extending as far onto the sheet as their reach allows.

·         Disagreements are to be settled by the Ministry. If no one from the Ministry is onsite, Laura Preston may resolve disputes. Texting her is not sufficient, you must speak with her directly. He can be reached at anytime, at 612-338-6424.



Sign your team up today! http://www.nomadbocce.com/leagues?v=upcoming

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