Howdy Ballers!

Thanks to all of our hearty bocce leaguers, who play in the snow, rain, and face-melting heat! Cool off with an Odell IPA this week!


Mid-Season Empty Cup Championship Update-
1st Place with 191 Baller Beers- Joanie Loves Bocce!!!!
Right on their tail, with 190 Baller Beers- Balls Deep. Coming in 3rd, with a respectable 188 Baller Beers- Westboro Baptist Bocce Team! Good work, you guys....keep drinking!



Casual ballin? Sure! Toss some balls around during happy hour or make a reservation for a Sunday Funday! Big or small groups! Send us an email with your reservation request.

Nomad Bocce
C/O Nomad World Pub
501 Cedar Avenue, South
Minneapolis, MN 55454
(612) 338-6424