Thanks to all of you Ballers who signed up for Fallstars... for those of you who haven't (ahem, Wednesday night), we're disappointed but willing to forgive you. Maybe.


Anyway, here's what to expect for the day:


It looks like we’re going to have a perfect fall day for the tourney this year! We’ve got 16 teams and plan on doing a double elimination tournament. It's more fun to know you’re going to get to play at least twice right? Thing is though, we’ve really got to try and be timely with our start and end times. Matches are 1 game to 9, (no need to win by 2 rule). You’ll have 20 minutes for your match. If you run out of time whomever is ahead wins.  Final match will be 3 games with no time restriction. We will start at 11am and plan on being done before 6pm. 
The schedule is posted on the website, but here are the start times for the first round for those of you too lazy to check:
11 AM: 
Get in My Van vs. Cornballers
Still BCBC vs. Stovepipers
Highlanders vs. Put Em In Your Mouth
Boccelism vs. Big Dicks, AKs, & 187 Skills
Leave It to Beavers vs. Brawlers, Ballers, & Bastards
Moose Knuckles vs. Quantum of Poon
Beer & Loathing vs. Off in the Woods
Westboro Baptist Bocce Team vs. Not Moving to Montana
You’ll get a ticket upon checking in with the Ministry that you’ll be able to redeem for lunch, which will be served out of the food truck. The truck will open at noon. You can eat whenever you feel like; we will not be taking a pause from matches for lunch this year. T-shirts are here for the tourney as well, so make sure to grab yours if you haven't already! We’ll be showing the Vikes on the bocce side, but we’ve got the Sunday Ticket this year, so if you’d like to watch another game on one of the other TVs just ask the bartender. 
Following Fallstars we’ll be showing the 2nd Presidential Debate, which will probably be pretty entertaining with a buzz on, so stick around! 
Sunday Baller Itinerary
10am Awake, coffee, shower or put on hat.
10:30am Bloody Mary, think of cheese and meat cube as sustenance.
11am Games Commence. Start rolling. Or if delayed start time hassle others whom you don’t know.
11:30 After a good amount of talk, introduce yourself to those you don’t know.
Noon. Looking for a groove. Examine Baller Beer Options
12-3pm Rolling and Vikings. 
3:30pm You should probably eat if you haven’t
4:30 Impromptu Dance Party
5pm Watch the finals. Cheer or heckle.
6:30pm Mule? Margarita? Exploring the need for something new or different. 
7:30pm The Debate. Fearing new and different.
9:00pm Discussion of Living Abroad.
9:30pm Uber home. 
-The Ministry



Nomad Bocce
C/O Nomad World Pub
501 Cedar Avenue, South
Minneapolis, MN 55454
(612) 338-6424